Sony ECM-B10 Compact Camera-Mount Digital Shotgun Microphone

Sony ECM-B10 Compact Camera-Mount Digital Shotgun Microphone
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Capture crystal-clear speech, interviews, ambience, or nature sounds with the Sony ECM-B10, a camera-mount digital shotgun microphone designed for on-the-go content creators, podcasters, and videographers using Sony cameras equipped with the Multi Interface Shoe (MI).

Combining digital signal processing with advanced beamforming technology, the mic delivers superdirectional performance in a remarkably compact package that provides flexibility and mobility, even in gimbal and grip-mounted shots. The ECM-B10 offers three types of pickup patterns in a single mic.

For selfies and interviews, use the superdirectional pattern to tightly focus audio capture on a single subject directly in front of the camera. Switch to the unidirectional pattern for a wider shot or if you have two subjects on camera. The omnidirectional setting captures audio in a 360° field around the mic, making it a smart choice to pick up environmental sounds and voices from behind the camera.


High-Quality Recording and Digital Transmission to Your Camera

The ECM-B10 converts analog sound to digital within the microphone body and performs digital signal processing using Sony's unique algorithms—enabling three directional pickup patterns as well as noise reduction. In-body digital conversion also helps to reduce noise inside the microphone.

Direct digital audio transmission to the camera eliminates signal degradation, supplying pristine in-camera audio recordings without the noise and hiss common to analog preamps found in many cameras.

A simple Digital/Analog switch also provides compatibility with a wide range of cameras using an analog interface. The ECM-B10 is compatible with a7R IV, a7C, ZVE10 cameras and other Sony products with MI (Multi-interface shoe) that support digital audio.

Advanced Beamforming Technology

The ECM-B1M is equipped with four high-performance mic capsules. Digital signal processing using beamforming technology achieves high-quality audio with three switchable directivities, providing three microphones in one, including superdirectivity.

Your Choice of Three Pickup Patterns

Choose the most suitable pickup pattern with an easy-to-reach, three-way switch on the rear panel of the microphone. Quickly switch back and forth among the three pickup patterns, giving you the flexibility to adapt to your shooting requirements.

Superdirectional: Focused Front Area

Ideal for selfies or interviews, the superdirectional pattern collects sound from a focused area in front of the microphone, effectively suppressing sounds from off-axis and behind the camera.

Unidirectional: Wide Frontal Range

Perfect for multiperson conversations, the unidirectional pattern captures sound from a wide field in front of the microphone, while minimizing pickup from behind.

Omnidirectional : Sound from Any Direction

The omnidirectional pattern picks up audio equally from all directions, useful for recording environmental sounds or the voice of the camera operator.

Noise Filters, Auto-Level, Pad Controls on Intuitive, Easily Visible Rear Panel

Controls for pickup pattern and other functions are easy to reach on the rear panel and visible at a glance for quick adjustments during shooting.

The ECM-B10's noise-cut filter and low-cut filter are very effective at reducing extraneous ambient noises and cutting out low-frequency noise through the use of digital signal processing algorithms, maximizing audio quality at the recording stage and reducing the need for complex post-processing.

Auto level control and a variable pad (-20, -10, 0 dB) makes it easy to set optimum recording levels.

Compact and Portable Mic

Even at only 3.1" in length, the ECM-B10 offers impressive directional audio capture. Its small size gives you plenty of clearance for wide-angle lenses, viewfinder use, and gimbals.

Cable-Free Connection

No cables are required for connection to a wide range of Sony cameras equipped with an MI shoe. The absence of connecting cables means that no noise can be transmitted to the microphone mechanically via cables and connectors.

Designed to Minimize Shock and Vibration Noise

The ECM-B10 features an advanced shock- and vibration-suppressing design to effectively minimize low-frequency or handling noise, which can degrade audio quality.

Dust- and Moisture-Resistant Design

Complementing similarly dust- and moisture-resistant cameras, the ECM-B10 designed for worry-free outdoor shooting.

Battery-Free Operation

Power is supplied via the MI shoe in compatible cameras, so you don't have to worry about microphone batteries running out during a shoot.

Supplied Windscreen

The ECM-B10 comes with a furry windshield that's easily detachable and effective with reducing wind noise for capturing crisp audio on outdoor shoots.

ECM-B10 Highlights

  • Digital signal processing using beamforming technology
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable at only 3.1" in length
  • Three selectable pickup patterns; Super/Uni/Omnidirectional
  • Auto Level function
  • Highly efficient noise filters: Noise Cut and Low Cut
  • MI (Multi-Interface) Shoe requires no batteries or cables
  • Digital/Analog switch for compatibility with a wide range of Sony cameras
  • Direct control with the intuitive, easily visible rear panel
  • Noise suppression contributes to high-quality audio
  • Supplied furry windscreen to reduce wind noise
  • Designed to suppress vibration and mechanical noise
  • Dust- and moisture-resistant design