Marumi DHG Light Control ND8 Filter (49mm-82mm)

Marumi DHG Light Control ND8 Filter (49mm-82mm)
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 Marumi ND8 DHG Light Control 8 Filter have been specially designed for Digital Photography.

The filter helps to create a dynamic expression via a long exposure or to prevent blown out highlights caused by over exposure.

The Marumi ND Filter offers a light volume of 1/8th and the equivalent exposure value is 3 stops. This filter uses a specially developed ultra-low reflection coating to minimize internal reflection off the cameras built-in CCD and CMOS Sensors.

The filter can reduce the light volume without any changes in hue, allow even a novice photographer who is unfamiliar with slow shutter speed or iris control to make a difference in their pictures.

Neutral density filter reduce light volume, allowing the photographer to use slower shutter speeds under bright conditions, giving more control and creativity.

Other anti-reflect features include a special slim frame with satin smooth finish and a black ink process on the glass edge facilitates to eliminate flare. It is well suited to use for high speed films and record movement in subjects such as waterfalls, clouds and cars.