JJC FW-4662 Filter Wrench

JJC FW-4662 Filter Wrench
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JJC FW Series Filter Wrench is specially designed for removing jammed or over-tightened filters from your lens. The filter wrench is ideal for detaching all kinds of filters, including UV, CPL, ND, etc. This series filter wrenches is made of ABS material, lightweight and compact. The squeeze-type design ensures comfort and grip for ease of use. There are two filter wrenches in one package. Generally, one wrench is enough to remove a filter. But when a filter is over-tightened, two wrenches used together will be more helpful. You can use one to hold the lens, and the other to rotate and remove the filter. In this way, it reduces the risk of damage to your lenses and filters during detachment. JJC FW-4662 filter wrench is compatible with filters ranging from 46mm-62mm in diameter and FW-6786 is for filters ranging from 67mm-86mm in diameter.

  • Set of 2
  • Helps remove all kinds of filters including UV, CPL, ND and so on from your lens easily
  • When a filter is over-tightened, you can use one to hole the lens, and the other to disassemble the filter
  • The sawtooth-type design ensures comfort and grip for ease of use
  • Made of ABS material, lightweight and compact
Technical Specs

Model: FW-4662

Net Weight: 10G

Size: 95*63*3mm

Material: ABS

Compatible With: filters ranging from 46mm-62mm in diamete