Insta360 ONE R Boosted Battery Base

Insta360 ONE R Boosted Battery Base
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The Insta360 ONE R Boosted Battery Base offers exactly twice the power of the standard base so you can shoot for extended periods on a single charge. It features a 2380mAh capacity and provides a 2-prong mount on the bottom for attaching to various support accessories, including the ONE R Invisible Selfie Stick. Please note, the Boosted Battery Base is not compatible with the ONE R Mounting Bracket and cannot be used with the camera underwater.

The Boosted Battery Base can be charged together with the standard Battery Base at the same time using the ONE R Fast Charge Hub, sold separately.

Technical Specs


2380 mAh

Watt Hours

9.16 Wh


3.85 V

Charging Voltage

4.4 V