Insta360 ONE R Battery Base

Insta360 ONE R Battery Base
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The Insta360 ONE R Battery Base is a central component of the modular ONE R action camera system. It holds the interchangeable modules together. The Core module and any other module of your choice mount side by side on this Battery Base, connecting into electronic contacts on it to work together with it as one unit.

At the same time, it powers the modules via a built-in 1190 mAh battery that provides up to 65 to 70 minutes of runtime. It's rechargeable via a USB Type-C port when fully assembled with two modules. It cannot be charged by itself. 
Like all the other modules, the Battery Base is waterproof down to 16' when assembled with two modules and installed in the ONE R Mounting Frame. No waterproof housing will be required. The Mounting Frame and other modules are sold separately. 

Technical Specs  


1190 mAh 

Charging Port 

USB Type-C 

Charging Time 

65 Minutes 


1" Mod: 
5.3K at 30 fps: 65 Minutes 
4K Mod: 
4K at 60 fps: 70 Minutes 
360 Mod: 
5.7K at 30 fps: 70 Minutes 

Waterproof Capability 

16.4' / 5 m (When Assembled with Two Modules and Installed in Optional Mounting Frame) 

Operating Temperature 

-4 to 104°F / -20 to 40°C