Insta360 Bullet Time Bundle (Handle, Tripod, Selfie Stick)

Insta360 Bullet Time Bundle (Handle, Tripod, Selfie Stick)
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The Insta360 Bullet Time Accessory Bundle enables you to capture 360° selfies using your Insta360 ONE X action camera. The Bullet Time Handle enables you to swing your ONE X camera in a complete circle overhead without needing to reposition your hand on the grip.

The handle attaches to the reinforced selfie stick which extends to a maximum length of 47.2" and features a 1/4"-20 mounting thread on the end. A folding tripod is included to mount your handle on the ground or flat surface for a level bullet-time rotation.

Technical Specs

Insta360 CINGBTH/B

Mounting Thread

Selfie Stick: 1/4"-20


Selfie Stick Length: 47.2" / 120 cm (Maximum Length)
Handle Length: 5.2" / 13.3 cm