Insta360 4-Filter Set for ACE PRO

Insta360 4-Filter Set for ACE PRO
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Designed for the Insta360 ACE PRO, this 4-Filter Set features three ND filters and one polarizer filter for shooting in virtually any daylight condition. The set includes an ND8, an ND16, and an ND32 filter to cut light hitting your sensor from 3 to 5 f-stops. The polarizer filter even cuts 1.6 f-stops of light at a certain angle. This allows you to adjust your shutter speed to capture motion in creative ways without risking overexposure. The included polarizer filter reduces unwanted reflections from surfaces like water and snow.

Technical Specs

Material of Construction

Glass, Aluminum, Silicone

F-Stop Reduction

1.6 f-Stops (Polarizer)
3 f-Stops (ND8)
4 f-Stops (ND16)
5 f-Stops (ND32)


0.4 oz / 10.7 g (Single Filter)


17.3 x 17.3 x 1.9" / 44 x 44 x 5.1 mm