Hollyland Lark M2 Combo Wireless Microphone System

Hollyland Lark M2 Combo Wireless Microphone System
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LARK M2 is a lightweight wireless microphone weighing only 9 grams. It is perfect for vloggers, podcasters, filmmakers, and others who want to effortlessly record professional audio for their videos. With lossless sound reproduction and a 40-hour[1] battery life, it delivers high-quality uninterrupted audio recording every time.


Incredibly Small

At only 9g, the transmitter (TX) is small enough to stay securely fastened to your clothing without any drooping or sagging. Its button-size design is practical, convenient and doesn't compromise audio quality.

Versatile Wearing Options

Wearing LARK M2 is super easy! You can attach it with a magnet, clip it on, or try the cool new necklace.

Technical Specs

- Button Size

- 300m Stable Transmission

- 48kHz/24bit Hi-Fi Sound

- Long Battery Life 40 Hour

- Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)

- Plug and Play(Mobile Version)

- App Control (Mobile Version)

- Knob Control (Camera Version)

- Universal Compatibility (Combo Version)

- Smart LarkSound App

- TX Control for Video Recording

- Instant Pairing Upon Unboxing