GoPro ACARC-001 Auto Charger

GoPro ACARC-001 Auto Charger
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The GoPro Auto Charger features dual USB ports and allows you to charge up to two GoPro HERO Cameras at the same time (as well as most other USB devices). Each USB port delivers 1A of power.

Two USB cables are included and can be used to charge all HERO models up to and including the HERO4 Black and Silver. To charge later models, such as the HERO5 Black, you will need to use the USB cable included with the camera. The Auto Charge also allows you to continue using the camera to capture video and photos while charging.

Technical Specs

Type of Connector

USB Type-A

Number of Ports

2 (USB)

Power Input

12 VDC

Power Output

Port 1: 1 Amp 
Port 2: 1 Amp