Godox SGUV S2 Bracket & Softbox

Godox SGUV S2 Bracket & Softbox
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Designed for photographers who like to travel light, the S-Type Bowens Mount Flash Bracket with Softbox Kit from Godox includes a compact tool for adapting the output of your speedlight. You can attach most brands of flashes onto the back of the bracket either horizontally or vertically, using a knob at the top to adjust the fit. At the front, a Bowens type speed ring allows you to mount several optional accessories such as barndoors or snoots to shape and control your light.

The S-type bracket is compact in its construction and requires no pre-assembly, so it is always ready to go. For adjusting the light direction, the bracket can be rotated and also tilts 90° front and back. Finally, a hole can be found at the bottom for installing an optional umbrella or other accessory.


S-type bracket that can adapt most flashes for accepting Bowens-mount accessories

Knob on the back adjusts fit for speedlight, can mount the unit horizontally or vertically

Tilts 90° both ways for easy position adjustment

Dedicated hole for an optional umbrella, allows for bounce or shoot-through uses

60 x 60cm softbox and carrying bag included

Use for Godox V1 also

Technical Specs



Interior Color


Requires Speed Ring


Accepts Grids


Removable Front Face


Removable Interior Baffle




Rectangular Dimensions

W: 23.6 x H: 23.6" / W: 59.9 x H: 59.9 cm (Open)

W: 31.5 x H: 31.5" / W: 80.0 x H: 80.0 cm (Open)