Godox Collapsible Lantern Softbox

Godox Collapsible Lantern Softbox
Regular price 300.00


This spherical Lantern is prefect for creating soft and even light that spreads in all direction, whether in a small space ora larger scene.With a 270 beam angle, the light is ideal for video recording, live streaming, and film making.


Bowens Mount Extends Compatibility

Equipped with a Bowens Mount, the Lantern is fully compatible with any Bowens mount flash or continuous light, such as Godox SL150 II, UL150, VL series LED light, and so on

Extremely Fast Set Up

Thanks to its simple and durable design, this softbox is a breeze to use. The Lantern could be poped open or closed in merely few seconds, making it a quick solution on the go

A Skin for More Control

To further control your light precisely, we provide a detachable 4-section skirt (Available for Purchase) that you can off any unwanted bouncing light.