(Clearance) Yongnuo YN560-TX Flash Controller (Nikon/Canon)

(Clearance) Yongnuo YN560-TX Flash Controller (Nikon/Canon)
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Yongnuo YN560-TX transmitter unit provides remote manual power control for the very popular and inexpensive Yongnuo YN560III, YN560IV and YN660 manual flash units. Yongnuo YN560-TX transmitter is a great tool for creating very affordable multi-strobe setup with remote manual power control. An excellent flash controller for studio or on location shooting.

The Yongnuo 560-TX is a huge advancement in speedlite flash control.  Paired with Yongnuo YN-560 III/ YN-560 IV, YN660 speedlites you now have the ability to remotely control power output from one easy to use location. Control up to 6 groups all from the easy to use LCD screen. Imagine never having to walk over to a speedlite to adjust it again. The best part is that the YN-560 III/ YN-560 IV, YN660 speedlites have a built in radio trigger so you don’t need any receiver on the flash units.  Just buy a YN-560 III/ YN-560 IV or YN660 speedlite and one YN 560-TX and that’s it.

The 560-TX will work on any camera with a standard hot-shoe. Nikon and Canon versions are available.  They enable the flash wakeup feature.  If you don’t shoot Canon or Nikon, then either option will work but you’ll lose the wakeup feature.  We recommend to turn off the YN-560 III/ YN-560 IV speedlite sleep option so you’ll never have to worry about it.  All other features are the same.

  • Wireless Triggering Function– If you use it in combination with Yongnuo YN560 III, YN560 IV, YN660 flashes, you need to activate the group function of YN-560 III /IV, YN660 with YN560-TX before you can use them together (for more details please check manual); If you use YN560-TX with other Yongnuo flashes like YN-560 II, YN565EX, YN568EX ( Manual mode ), you need a transceiver unit like Yongnuo RF-605, RF-603, RF-603 II, RF-602
  • Wireless Shutter Release Function– You can mount YN560-TX into the Camera, use shutter release cable ( LS-2.5mm Series ) to connect it with your camera, and set RF-602, RF-603, RF-603 II in ” transceiver ” state, and then you can remotely trigger your camera. You can also mount one flash into the hot shoe of flash transceiver, and it can also be triggered at the same time.


Yonghuo YN560 III made after January 2013, Yongnuo YN560 IV and Yongnuo YN660  

Yongnuo triggers RF-602 , RF-6​03 , RF-603II

Yongnuo flashes like YN-560 II, YN-468 II, YN500EX, YN600EX-RT, YN565EX, YN568EX other in manual mode. (You need to use RF-602, RF-603, RF-603 II, RF-605 together.)

All Nikon and Canon DSLR Cameras

Note: There are Canon and Nikon version of YN560-TX. Both versions will operate with any camera model which have a standard hotshoe, but the dedicated Canon and Nikon function is just for the flash wake up feature

Technical Specs

6 Groups (meaning that it can control up to 6 flash groups as ABCDEF)

Remote Manual Power Control

Zoom Head Control

Remote Multi (Stroboscopic) Setting

Large Clear LCD Screen

Fast Setting Interface

16 Channels

2,4GHz 100M Range

AA batteries x 2 (not included)

M / Multi Two flash modes

Compatible with: RF-602/RF-603/RF-603II

Supports: RF-603 /RF-603 II Wireless Shutter Release

Stand-by Time: 120 hours

Dimensions: 70mm*97.5mm*43mm

Net Weight: 98g