70mai RC06 Rear Cam

70mai RC06 Rear Cam
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The Xiaomi 70mai Rear Camera RC06 combines with a normal 70Mai dashcam to film the area behind the car in focus. The RC06 is equipped with a SONY sensor that ensures that the entire road situation is well captured with high-quality Full HD 1920x1080p resolution. The camera guarantees your safety on the road, thanks to its 130-degree angle of view.

In addition, the camera is also very practical when parking, as it provides extra visibility to the rear of the car. So you can also use the RC06 as a rear view camera! The device also features a fog light function. The Xiaomi 70mai Rear Camera RC06 is only compatible with the 70mai A800, A800S and the A500S.


【Compatible with 70mai Dash Cam】The 70mai Rear Camera can work with 70mai Dash Cams including 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+ and 70mai Dash Cam 4K A800S, providing you front and rear car camera driving experiences

【1080P Resolution & 130° FOV】Equipped with 1080P and 130° wide-angle FOV, this rear camera is perfect for recording sceneries and crucial for collecting evidence. Just like the second set of eyes of the road

【Full Cable Length】Equipped with full size of 5.5m rear cam HDMI cable length, this rear cam RC06 can help you avoid short cable issues, no need to worry about length shortage of the power cable anymore

【Easy Self-instalation】Without many steps, you can simply complete the installation by sticking your 70mai Rear Camera onto the rear windshield