Yashica MF-2 Super DX 35mm Film Camera

Yashica MF-2 Super DX 35mm Film Camera
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The Yashica MF-2 Super DX 35mm Camera keeps the nostalgia alive with its 1990s inspired look. This compact point-and-shoot gives you control over your exposure while making analog photography fun and convenient.


Automatic ISO Detection

Equipped with a DX code sensor that automatically sets the ISO from 100 to 400 based on the DX code on the film canister. With non-DX film it defaults to ISO 100.

CdS Light Meter

Exposure control uses a Cadmium Sulfide light sensor located on top of the lens to warn the user of low light conditions via an LED located in the viewfinder.

Robust Optics

With 3 elements in 3 groups, this 38mm lens has a maximum aperture of f/3.8.

Built-In Flash

Slide type unit with ready lamp and a 5-second recycle time.

Bright Frame Viewfinder

By having a half silver mirror at an angle inside the viewfinder, the camera displays a brightly lit frame without needing battery power, enabling you to frame your shot under any condition.

Mechanical Operation

The camera can be wholly operated without a battery thanks to its manual film advance mechanism as well as a mechanical shutter with a 1/125 second speed and a 10-second timer.

Technical Specs


35mm Film


38mm f/3.8 (3 elements, 3 group composition)

Shutter Speed



Bright frame 0.52x magnification.


Sliding type flash unit with flash-ready lamp.

Exposure Control

CdS light sensor on lens top.

Film Speed Setting

Automatic with DX - code film: couples to ISO100 - 400, default setting to ISO 100 with non-DX-coded film.

Flash Range

6 - 12 ' / 2 - 4 m

Focus Range

Fixed focus from 5' / 1.5 m to Infinity


Mechanical, 10 seconds


2 x AA Alkaline


4.9 x 2.9 x 2.4" / 126 x 74 x 56 mm


8.8 oz / 250 g