Sony VFA-305R1 Filter Adapter Kit For RX0 Camera

Sony VFA-305R1 Filter Adapter Kit For RX0 Camera
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The Sony Filter Adapter Kit for RX0 Camera includes a 30.5mm filter adapter, a multi-coated protective filter, and a lens hood. These components reduce the amount of undesired light entering the RX0 Camera's lens. 

You might consider leaving the MC filter (UV filter) attached to your RX0 camera at all times, as it both protects the camera's lens from scratches while reducing ultraviolet light. The lens hood helps eliminate unwanted reflections and glare, and the filter adapter lets you attach 30.5mm filters to achieve various effects. 


30.5mm filter adapter for Sony RX0 Ultra-Compact Camera 

Multi-coated UV filter 

Lens hood 

Protects against unwanted light and scratches 

Technical Specs 

Filter Size 

30.5 mm 


Filter Adapter: 2.3 x 1.6 x 0.3" (59 x 40 x 8 mm) 
Multi-Coated UV Filter: 1.3 x 0.2" (33 x 6 mm) 
Lens Hood: 2.1 x 1.4 x 1.1" (53 x 36 x 27 mm) 


Filter Adapter: 0.3 oz (8 g) 
Multi-Coated UV Filter: 0.2 oz (6 g) 
Lens Hood: 0.6 oz (17 g)