Sony AKA-CMH1 Chest Mount Harness

Sony AKA-CMH1 Chest Mount Harness
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The Sony Chest Mount Harness is a chest harness for the Action Cam POV camera allowing you to shoot hands-free. It features a 360° detachable swivel mount enabling you to achieve landscape or portrait orientation as well as tilt the Action Cam at just about any angle.  

The harness is ideal for capturing POV action shots of adventure activities such as skiing, kayaking, surfing, horseback riding, or cycling--but can be used for just about any application where hands-free shooting is required.  

works will all Sony Action Cam models when they are in their waterproof housing or a skeleton frame. 

Hands-free shooting for a variety of applications 

Detachable buckle mount designed to eject camera in case of strong impact 

360° articulated swivel mount to achieve just about any shooting angle 

Safety cord designed to reduce risk of accidental drops or loss