Sennheiser EW 122P G4 Camera-Mount Wireless Cardioid Lavalier Microphone System

Sennheiser EW 122P G4 Camera-Mount Wireless Cardioid Lavalier Microphone System
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The Sennheiser EW 122P G4 camera-mount wireless lavalier microphone system features the proven combination of reliability, flexible control, and broadcast-quality sound that has made the EW Series an industry standard for videographers, journalists, and content creators all over the world.

The EW 122P G4 gives you the tools to adapt and meet the wireless challenges that inevitably arise on set. The frequency scan function automatically searches for the cleanest frequency at your location, while the adjustable input sensitivity on the transmitter accommodates mic levels ranging from booming voices to quiet speech, and even line-level audio.

The system includes an ME 4 cardioid lavalier mic, a bodypack transmitter, and a camera-mount receiver. It connects to a camcorder or a DSLR/mirrorless camera to capture crisp-sounding speech or dialog in noisy environments, for projects ranging from documentaries to wedding videos, corporate spots, and hands-free interviews.

The EW 122P G4 is backward-compatible with previous evolution systems, giving you the ability to mix and match G4/G3/G2/G1 receivers or bodypack, handheld, and plug-on transmitters. It is also compatible with EW 500 systems.


Built for Dependable Performance in the Field

  • The EW 122P G4 features rugged, all-metal chassis well suited for extended use on location. The lightweight and compact bodypack transmitter is easy to conceal. Its rounded edges are soft to the touch making it comfortable to wear for the talent. A locking connector ensures that your lav doesn’t detach at a critical moment, while a convenient switch allows you to mute your mic.
  • Using the included shoemount adapter, the equally compact receiver easily mounts on your camera without adding much weight. The included cables allow you to connect the receiver to the 3.5mm or XLR audio input of any DSLR/mirrorless, camcorder, or recording device.
  • Both transmitter and receiver feature LED displays showing reception quality, battery status, and audio level. To get you going quickly, they synchronize via infrared interface, with the simple push of a button.

Proven Broadcast-Quality Sound

  • The EW 122P G4 ships with an ME 4 cardioid lavalier microphone, which delivers a natural sound optimized for speech intelligibility. Its directional cardioid polar pattern helps to reject unwanted background sound, making it ideal in loud environments such as trade-show floors, busy public areas, or sporting events.
  • To take full advantage of the ME 4’s dynamic range, the system employs proprietary HDX compander technology, preserving your sound without adding unwanted noise during transmission, and delivering audio with remarkable accuracy and quality.

Additional Features

  • Adaptive-diversity reception for reliable transmission up to 330'
  • 42 MHz bandwidth with 1680 tunable UHF frequencies for clean reception
  • 20 frequency banks, each with up to 12 factory-preset channels to prevent intermodulation
  • Pilot tone squelch for eliminating RF noise when transmitter is turned off
  • Receiver with adjustable output range of 42 dB to match the audio input of your camera or recording device
  • User-friendly menu operation with flexible control options
  • Transmitter and receiver feature 4-step battery-life indicator
  • Auto-Lock function avoids accidental changing of settings
  • RF Mute function
  • 8 hours of battery life
  • Powered via AA batteries or rechargeable BA 2015 Accupack batteries (available separately)
  • Side contacts for recharging the Accupacks without removing them from either transmitter or receiver—requires the L 2015 quick-charging unit (available separately)
  • Operate up to 12 wireless mics at once on set
  • Unlike digital wireless systems, the SK 100 G4 transmitter can transmit to an unlimited number of EW Series receivers
  • Wide range of accessories adapts the system to a variety of applications

EW 100 G4 vs EW 500 G4 Systems at a Glance

  • Bandwidth: Up to 46 MHz vs up to 88 MHz
  • UHF Frequencies: 1680 vs up to 3520
  • RF Output Power: Fixed 30 mW vs adjustable 10/30/50 mW
  • Mics at Once: Up to 12 mics vs up to 32 mics
  • Included Lavalier Mic: ME 2-II omni or ME 4 cardioid vs professional MKE 2 omni
  • Headphone Output: No vs yes
  • Audio Output: Unbalanced vs balanced
  • Plug-On Transmitter: No phantom vs +48V phantom power
Technical Specs


Wireless Transmission

Analog UHF

Number of RF Channels


Included Transmitters

1 x Bodypack with Microphone


Antenna Diversity

RF Frequency Band

A: 516 to 558 MHz

RF Bandwidth

42 MHz

Frequency Step Size

25 kHz

Max Operating Range

330' / 100.6 m (Line of Sight)

Max Systems per Setup



48 kHz (Peak)


Wideband FM


Form Factor


Mounting Options

Shoe-Mount (with Included Hardware)


1 x Flexible Whip, Fixed

Number of Audio Channels


Audio I/O

1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Female Unbalanced Output (Lockable)

Gain Range

42 dB (6 dB Steps)

Audio Output Level

+12 dBu

Approximate RF Sensitivity

1.6 µV


5 to 25 dBμV

Adjacent Channel Isolation

>65 dB

Power Requirements


Battery Type

2 x AA (Included)
1 x Sennheiser Accupack (Not Included)

Approx. Battery Life

8 Hours (Alkaline)

Display & Indicators

1 x Backlit LCD (Battery Status, Output Level, RF Level)



Operating Temperature

14 to 131°F / -10 to 55°C


2.5 x 3.2 x 0.9" / 64 x 82 x 24 mm


5.6 oz / 160 g (with Batteries)


Form Factor


RF Output Power

30 mW

Audio I/O

1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Female Unbalanced Input (Lockable)


Mute Switch

Audio Input Level

3 V RMS (Max)

Gain Range

60 dB (3 dB Steps)

Frequency Response

80 Hz to 18 kHz (Mic)
25 Hz to 18 kHz (Line)

Sync Method



1 x Flexible Whip, Fixed (Beltpack)

Power Requirements


Battery Type

2 x AA (Included)
1 x Sennheiser Accupack (Not Included)

Approx. Battery Life

8 Hours (Alkaline)

Display & Indicators

1 x Backlit LCD (Audio Level, Battery Status, Signal Strength)




2.5 x 3.2 x 0.9" / 64 x 82 x 24 mm


5.6 oz / 160 g (with Batteries)


Form Factor


Sound Field


Operating Principle

Pressure Gradient


Electret Condenser

Polar Pattern


Frequency Range

50 Hz to 18 kHz

Equivalent Noise Level

31 dB

Maximum SPL

120 dB SPL Peak


20 mV/Pa

Output Connectors

1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Male Unbalanced (Lockable)

Cable Length

5.25' / 1.6 m

Operating Voltage

7.5 V