Samyang 16mm T2.6 Full Frame Cine DS Lens

Samyang 16mm T2.6 Full Frame Cine DS Lens
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Designed to overcome the challenges in assembling a set of lenses over time, the Samyang 16mm T2.6 Full-Frame Cine DS Lens features a multilayer coating process for consistently-rendered color from lens to lens. The industry standard geared focus and iris rings share a common position with other Cine DS lenses, eliminating the time it would take to reposition a matte box, follow focus, or other accessory when switching lenses. When used with a full-frame sensor camera, this 16mm lens produces a 106.9°, super-wide angle of view.

The Cine DS primes' hybrid aspherical elements render sharply-defined images with a minimum of distortion and chromatic aberrations, and the minimum focus distance is 11.8" from the lens. For ease of use when working with an assistant, the Cine DS primes feature focus and T-stop scales on both sides of the lens barrel. An integrated petal-type lens hood reduces flare without the use of a matte box.

Technical Specs

Focal Length



Maximum: T2.6
Minimum: T22

Lens Mount

Canon EF/Canon M/Sony A/Sony FE

Micro Four Thirds/Fujiflim X/Nikon F

Iris Blades


Minimum Focus Distance

11" (28 cm)

Angle of View

Full Frame: 106.9°
APS-C: 79.85°
MFT: 66.86°

Maximum Barrel Diameter

3.21" (81.6 mm)


3.78" (96.1 mm)


18.7 oz (530 g)