NiSi V5 82mm Main Adapter Ring

NiSi V5 82mm Main Adapter Ring
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This NiSi 82mm Adapter Ring allows the filter holder included with a NiSi C4 Cinema Filter Holder Kit, as well as a V5 100mm or V5 Pro 100mm Filter Holder Kit, to be used on a lens with 82mm front filter threads. It features an aluminum-alloy construction for durability while remaining lightweight.

With a compatible filter holder, this adapter ring can accommodate a NiSi 86mm circular polarizer filter or a NiSi 86mm Enhanced Circular Polarizer Filter. It allows either of those filters' edges to be easily gripped for convenient installation or removal, and when combined with the filter holder and the adapter ring, as well as an optional step-up ring, the polarizer filter can be rotated to adjust its effect. In such instances, an external dial on the NiSi 82mm Adapter Ring allows for the independent rotation of the circular polarizer.

Technical Specs

Compatible Lens Filter Thread

82 mm

Filter Holder System

NiSi C4 Cinema, NiSi V5 100 mm, NiSi V5 Alpha 100 mm, NiSi V5 Pro 100 mm