NiSi Filter Holder for NiSi S5 150mm Filter Holder Kit

NiSi Filter Holder for NiSi S5 150mm Filter Holder Kit
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This Filter Holder from NiSi is designed for use with a NiSi S5 150mm Filter Holder Kit. When placed over a NiSi S5 150mm Filter Holder Kit's filter holder adapter ring, it allows for the convenient use of separately available, 150mm wide, 2mm thick filters along with the kit's included circular polarizer without vignetting.

It is pre-installed with two pairs of plastic filter slots, a configuration that accommodates two rectangular filters. Each slot is designed to grip an installed filter only along the surface of the filter's edges. Contact with a filter's front or rear-facing surfaces is avoided, particularly when using graduated filters whose effect can be adjusted to better suit changing lighting conditions or creative demands by sliding them up or down within a filter slot.

After being fitted onto the adapter ring, the filter holder's pull-and-release locking pin helps to provide a reliable, yet adjustable connection while the entire filter holder kit can be rotated 360°, permitting the use of graduated neutral density and other filters that are enhanced by varied positioning.

Technical Specs


Filter Holder Kit: NiSi S5 150 mm Filter Holder Kit (placed over kit's adapter ring)
Filters: Accepts up to two rectangular filters (150 mm wide, 2 mm thick)


Filter Holder Plate: Aluminum alloy
Filter Holder Slots: Plastic