NanGuang CN-T4730 30W LED Studio Lighting Case

NanGuang CN-T4730 30W LED Studio Lighting Case
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The NanGuang NGT4730 portable light box utilises high efficiency LEDs and enables the user to take shadowless photos or videos of small objects. Ideal for website producers and online retailers.

Supplied ready to use with 6 backgrounds (blue, grey, yellow, white, pink and black) with built-in soft LED lighting which can be individually dimmed to create the best effects.

Technical Specs

Power Source: 240V AC
Power: 20 Watts from 3 LED lights with individual stepless dimmer adjustment controlss
Colour temperature: 5600K
Dimensions set up: 47 x 47 x 53cm
Dimensions folded: 47 x 47 x 9cm
Approx. maximum width of shooting object: 30cm
Weight: approx 8Kg