Nanlite CN-P200WII LED Fresnel Light

Nanlite CN-P200WII LED Fresnel Light
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This powerful Fresnel light CN-P200WII mounts onto a light stand and boasts a maximum illumination of 18350 LM. It features one 200W LED bulb and has a colour temperature of 5600K.

This LED Fresnel light CN-P200WII features a compact design intended for professional studio use and utilises high efficiency LED technology. The high power LED bulb gives off very little heat compared to other types of lighting, meaning that no fan is necessary. The unit is cooled by passive air flow and operates silently, making it ideal for film and video lighting.

Technical Specs

– CRI: (Ra): 95
– Power: 200W
– Power source: 
100-240V AC
– Color Temperature: 5600K
– Brightness control: dimmer
– Illumination: 
18350 LM
– Lux: Floodlight, 30 degrees – 
8000 (1m), 2200 (2m), 1060 (3m), 630 (4m), 430 (5m)
– Weight: 3,9kg
– Dimensions: 
293 x 288 x 179 mm