Manfrotto 200LT-PL-PRO Technopolymer plate RC2 and Arca-compatible

Manfrotto 200LT-PL-PRO Technopolymer plate RC2 and Arca-compatible
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This techno polymer plate is ideal for quickly attaching cameras onto the world’s most widespread standard head attachments: Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-type.

It enables photographers to fix their camera to any Manfrotto photo head (*) and almost all tripod heads on the market featuring Arca-style attachments, rapidly and effortlessly, with no need to disassemble components. The 200LT-PL-PRO makes it possible to always change heads smoothly, without worrying about the plate. The 200LT-PL-PRO plate is easily attached under the camera by rotating a special flip with one’s fingers, a coin or the Allen key . Just rotate the specially designed flap and slot it right onto your camera.

The two rubber grips help you manoeuvre your camera, keeping it firmly even on the most angled shots, so you no longer need to worry about slips or wobbles. The 200LT-PL-PRO features a 1/4'' screw attachment and a 3/8'' adaptor enabling you to pair this plate with a variety of products and camera models. This means you always have the right photo plate in your kit for any job.

Thanks to its high-quality technopolymer construction, the 200LT-PL-PRO plate weighs just 26 g and supports up to 6kg of gear.
The plate might not work properly if any extra safety pin is mounted on the head attachment. We suggest to remove it for proper and safe use.

Technical Specs


0.026 kg

Accessory Size Length

5.3 cm

Ball Locking


Accessory Size Height

4.2 cm

Accessory Size Width

1 cm