Manfrotto 190SPK2 Spiked Foot (Set of 3)

Manfrotto 190SPK2 Spiked Foot (Set of 3)
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The Manfrotto 190SPK2 Spiked Foot Set is comprised of 3 rubber/metal spiked feet for 3001 and 756 series tripods. The spike is made of a special hard anodized aluminum alloy extremely resistant to corrosion. Supplied with installation tool.

Note: Only compatible with older versions of the 3001N, 3001BN, 3001D, 3001BD, 3001PRO, 3001BPRO, 3205GN3, 3001BWN and 756B tripods, which feature a 19mm lower leg section. Older models show an engraved 4-digit serial number, as opposed to the longer anti-counterfeiting label used with current models.