Manfrotto 116SP1 Retractable Spiked Foot

Manfrotto 116SP1 Retractable Spiked Foot
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The Manfrotto 116SP1 Retractable Spiked Foot is an optional upgrade made to fit exclusively upon the 695CX monopod.  A broad, tough spike made from a hard-wearing anodized aluminum alloy, it significantly increases stability on soft earth surfaces.  The spike's surrounded by a retractable hard rubber foot with tapered concentric circular rubber ridges that get smaller as they approach the ground surface.

This monopod foot can be removed and replaced at will, even in the field.

  • Fits only the 695CX monopod
  • Tough spike made from durable alloy
  • Surrounded by a hard rubber retractable foot which is used on hard surfaces
Technical Specs


2.1 oz (60g)