JJC LCP-XA3 LCD Guard Film for Fujifilm X-A3, X-A5

JJC LCP-XA3 LCD Guard Film for Fujifilm X-A3, X-A5
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JJC LCP Series Guard Film is ideal for camera screen protection. The film anti-reflection coating reduces annoying surface glare under bright lights. The hard coating on the film avoids scratching by hard objects. The unique anti-smudge coating reduces fingerprints and facilitates cleaning. JJC Guard Film has a high transmission up to 92%, which ensures screen clarity. The static adhesion method allows for easy application and removal without leaving sticky residue. Every guard film is tailored for the specific camera screen in order to fit the screen. The removable protective fronting and backing effectively protect the film. The package contains two sets of guard films. This product also presents guard films for cameras sub-screen, depending on specific model. Besides that, one wet cleaning wipe, one microfiber cleaning cloth and one dust absorber are included in the package.

Technical Specs

Material: PET

Light Transmittance: 92%

Scratch Resistance Index: 3H

Size: Exact fitted to the specified model(No cutting is required)

Package: Cleaning Tissue x 2 + Guard Film for LCD display(s) x 2