Godox Witstro AR400 Ring Flash

Godox Witstro AR400 Ring Flash
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A versatile lighting tool, the Godox Witstro Ring Flash AR400 is a distinctive light source with a signature near-shadowless look that is not only a flash unit but an LED light as well. The included camera mount allows you to position your DSLR's lens in the open center to take full advantage of the flash's effects. The AR400's diffusion cover is provided for those who want a softer rendition.

As a ring flash, the AR400 has 400Ws of power with a guide number of 118, recycling in 0.05 to 2.8 seconds, and power that's variable from 1/1 to 1/128. Thanks to its integrated LEDs you can also use as a 5600K video light that has an output of 400 lux at 1.6'. Settings are displayed on the light's LCD control panel. The AD400 runs on an internal, lithium-ion battery that will give you up to 450 full power flashes on a full charge. An optional remote is available for wireless control.


Flash Head and LED Light Combination

The AR400 is a shadow-free, open-center, ring-shaped flash head that you can shoot through with your DSLR's lens. It's also a dimmable video light thanks to its integrated LEDs.

Power and Multi-Function Performance

The 400W AR400 has 22 steps of power control (1/1 to 1/128). It supports S1/S2 slave triggering, RPT stroboscopic flash, and high-speed sync.

Lithium Battery

The AR400's 11.1V / 4500mAh lithium-ion battery provides 450 full power flashes with a recycle time of 0.05-2.8 seconds.

Technical Specs





Guide No.

118' / 35.97 m ISO 100 

Constant Light Output

37 fc / 400 Lux @ 1.6' / 0.5 m

Modeling Light



Manual: 1/1 to 1/128

Color Temperature


Flash Duration

1/300 - 10,000 sec

TTL Dedication


Off-Camera Terminal

3.5 mm

Recycle Time

Approximately 0.05 to 2.8 Seconds

Flash-Ready Indicator




Power Source

1 x Proprietary Lithium Battery

Ring Dimensions (WxHxD)

8.9 x 9.1 x 2.8" / 22.5 x 23.0 x 7.0 cm


3.09 lb / 1.4 kg