Godox S30-D Focusing LED 3-Light Kit

Godox S30-D Focusing LED 3-Light Kit
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Godox has put together this comprehensive S30-D Focusing LED 3-Light Kit to provide shooters with a complete lighting system that's road-ready. The kit includes three S30 LED lights each with barndoors, a power adapter, and a light stand. For precise, almost "surgical" lighting, the kit includes the optical Projection Attachment with an 85mm lens. Godox also provides a full complement of accessories for it including an iris, set of framing shutters, gobo set with holder, and a scrim set. Two softboxes are also included, as are a Color Effects Gel Set and a Color Temperature Adjustment Gel Set. Two bags are provided, one for the light stands and another for the S30s and accessories.


Godox Projection Attachment with 85mm Lens for S30 Focusing LED Light

Ideal for precise and selective lighting of a subject, the Projection Attachment with 85mm Lens for S30 Focusing LED Light from Godox is an optical modifier that allows the S30 to project a de-focused soft circle or a focused hard circle of light. Among the many optional accessories for the Protection Attachment are a 60mm wide-angle lens for covering a large area while close up, and a 150mm telephoto lens for projection from a distance. Four optional shutter blades allow you to block off areas of light to create projected slits, squares or triangles, while separately-purchased steel gobos with patterns such as fire etched into them can be projected on scenery. There's also a set of scrims for lessening the light output and an iris for varying the size of the circle of projected light.

Godox Scrim Set for Projection Attachment

The Scrim Set for Projection Attachment from Godox contains five light intensity modifiers meant for use with the Projection Attachment that in turn is designed to be used with the S30 Focusing LED Light. Included in the set are a Full Single, Full Double, 1/2 Single, 1/2 Double, and a 1/2 Graduated scrim.

Godox Iris Diaphragm for Projection Attachment

An accessory for the separately-purchased modifier, the Iris Diaphragm for Projection Attachment from Godox slips into a slot in the attachment and allows you to vary the size of the projected circle of light, as well as focus or de-focus it.

Godox Framing Shutters for Projection Attachment (Set 4)

The Set of 4 Framing Shutters for Projection Attachment from Godox move independently inside a slot in the attachment's barrel, to create slits or irregular shapes that facilitate selective lighting,

Godox Gobo Set Holder

The Godox Gobo Set Holder slips into the separately-purchased Projection Attachment and supports gobos with patterns etched into them, which are then projected on scenery.

Godox Color Effects Set

Designed for use with the S30 LED Light, Godox Color Effects Set contains 15 creative colors to personalize the look and style of your images.

Godox Color Temperature Adjustment Set

Designed for use with the S30 Focusing LED Light, the Color Temperature Adjustment Set from Godox contains sixteen filters including CTO, CTB, Magenta, and Green filters.

Godox CB14 Carrying Bag for S30 Light Stand

Store, protect, and transport your S30 light stand with this CB14 Carrying Bag from Godox.

Godox CB15 Carrying Bag for S30 Kit

Store, protect, and transport your S30 Kit with this CB15 Carrying Bag from Godox.

Technical Specs

Light Fixture

Beam Angle

6 to 55°

Color Temperature

5600K ± 150K

Color Accuracy Standard

CRI 96

Cooling System



Yes, 10 to 100%


6° at 5600K:
1049.8 fc / 11,300 lux at 3.28' / 1 m
55° at 5600K:
260.1 fc / 2800 lux at 3.28' / 1 m

Fixture Dimensions

8.5 x 4.3 x 3.9" / 215.0 x 108.0 x 100.0 mm

Fixture Weight

2.00 lb / 907 g


Battery Plate

1 x Sony L-Series (NP-F)


Fixture Mount

5/8" Receiver


Yoke Type



DC Input Power

15 VDC at 4 A

Power Source

AC Adapter, External Battery, Integrated Battery

Max Power Consumption

30 W


Cable Length

6' / 1.83 m


Operating Temperature

50 to 122°F / 10 to 50°C

Godox Projection Attachment With 85mm Lens For S30 Focusing LED Light Specs


Focal Length

85 mm

Godox Scrim Set For Projection Attachment Specs




Fire Treatment


Godox Color Effects Set Specs




Filter Number



Filter Material




Godox Color Temperature Adjustment Set Specs



Color Temperature

Filter Number



Filter Material