Godox Expert RS400P Outdoor Flash

Godox Expert RS400P Outdoor Flash
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Godox RS400P 400W XEXPERT Wireless Power-Control Outdoor Flash Light + FT-16 Remote Trigger

This is a New Version of XEnergizer location lighting kits, The RS400P/RX600P RS Series XEXPERT Flash Light likes the Original ES400P/ES600P, offering a Lithium Interchangeable battery pack, wireless remote control, digital power adjustment.

  • Built-in Wireless Power Adjusting and flash triggering
  • Power Adjusts from 1/1 to 1/32 with auto power discharge
  • Stable color temperature at 5600K¡À200K
  • LCD display on a concise and modern panel
  • Large-Capacity 8000mAh Lithium Battery(LiFePO4)
  • Full Battery provides 650 full power flashes
  • Recycle to full power in 1.8 second
  • User replaceable battery module
  • Built-in fan to prevent overheating
Technical Specs





Maximum Power 


Guide Number

 52 (m ISO 100)


 LiFePO4 (12.8V/8000mAh)

Recycling time at 1/1 Full Power


Full Power Flashes

 Approx. 650

Flash Duration

1/800s to 1/20000s

Power Adjusting

16 stops from 1/32 to 1/1

LED Modeling Light


Color Temperature


Voltage of Charger

AC 100-240V/50-60HZ

Battery Pack Size/Weight

170x80x260mm (2.98 kg)

Flash Head Weight

0.96 kgs

Battery Unit Size/Weight

170x80x107mm (1.17 kg)

Weight with the Case

7.8 kg