FOTO 135 Film Waterproof Camera

FOTO 135 Film Waterproof Camera
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Introduce to you the lovely waterproof camera that Japanese and Korean young people like very much, use common 135(35mm) film, buy film, develop scan more convenient and favourable, although a camera is equivalent to the price of a film only, but can use many times. Snapshot can be taken underwater with a depth of 1-2 meters (not suitable for deep diving), making it a loyal companion for you to go out and play. Apart from the waterproof shell, it can be used on land at any time and anywhere! Instructions for use of the camera (please use it correctly according to the manual, otherwise it will be invalid or the effect is not good, please refer to the color picture below) :

  1. After loading the film as shown in the picture, roll the film wheel according to the direction of the arrow. Remember to follow the direction of the arrow, otherwise it is easy to damage the camera until it cannot be moved.
  2. When shooting through the viewfinder, the subject must be in the viewfinder and press the shutter button to complete the shooting.
  3. Continue to roll the film wheel for the next shooting. When "E/O" appears in the counting window, it means the film shooting in this camera is finished.
  4. Rewind the film in the camera to the dark tube, take it out and send it to the printer for processing.
  5. The camera for outdoor filming in the sunlight.
  6. This camera can be used to take pictures 1-2 meters deep in the water. High ISO film, such as 800 degrees film, is only suitable for snorkeling, which is not suitable for deep diving. - Simple operation, convenient, no professional knowledge, fashion appearance, buy and use. - Cartoon camera is popular in Europe, America and Japan because of its light weight, convenient to carry, good quality and low price. It is convenient and practical, suitable for impromptu use in public places such as traveling and playing with water in the wild.
Technical Specs

Gross Weight: 250g

Size:Waterproof camera size is about 12*8*4CM

The size of waterproof camera carton is about 12.5*9* 5.5cm

Color:as the picture show