DJI FPV Car Charger

DJI FPV Car Charger
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Recharge your flight batteries more easily while on location with the DJI FPV Car Charger. When out in the field, the only power source could be your car's battery. If you need to get more flying time in this situation, simply plug this charger into your car's 12 to 16V power adapter. This can connect to an FPV Intelligent Flight Battery and charge it in approximately 50 minutes. It also works with the FPV Battery Charging Hub, letting you charge up to three batteries in sequence unattended.


Additional Features

Overheating protection automatically stops charging if the charger gets too hot
Built-in LED status indicator tells you if it's charging (green) or completed (off)

Technical Specs

Charging Time

Approximately 50 Minutes


Vehicle Adapter: 12 to 16 V
Input Voltage: 14.0 V
DC Output: 25.2 V, 3.4 A or 25.2 V, 0.8 A

Operating Temperature

41 to 104°F / 5 to 40°C