DJI FPV Battery Charging Hub

DJI FPV Battery Charging Hub
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With the DJI FPV Battery Charging Hub, you can conveniently recharge up to three FPV flight batteries unattended. The hub requires a DJI FPV Battery Charger (not included) to draw power from an available AC outlet. Once plugged in, the hub can detect the battery life of each connected battery. It will then charge each battery in sequence, starting with the battery with the most power left. That way, you can grab that battery and get into the air as fast as possible. A full single battery recharge takes only approximately 55 minutes, and a status LED will provide essential charging information.


LED Status Indicator

Solid yellow: No battery attached
Pulsing green: Charging
Solid green: All batteries are fully charged
Blinks yellow: Battery temperatures are either too low or too high
Solid red: Power supply or battery error


Power adapter: CDX170-90
Battery model: BWX170-2000-22.2

Technical Specs

Charging Time

Up to 55 Minutes (1 Battery)

Input Power

25.2 V, 3.4 A

Operating Temperature

41 to 104°F / 5 to 40°C