(Clearance) GoPro ARSDM-001 Low Profile Helmet Swivel Mount for HERO Session

(Clearance) GoPro ARSDM-001 Low Profile Helmet Swivel Mount for HERO Session
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With the Low Profile Helmet Swivel Mount, GoPro has paired the Low-Profile Frame with the Swivel Mount to create a versatile, streamline helmet mounting option for the HERO Session. The Low-Profile frame keeps the camera close to your helmet, while the ball joint of the Swivel Mount provides 360° of on-the-fly camera angle adjustment. The Swivel Mount can be mounted on any GoPro-compatible accessory that has a quick release base, such as the two included curved adhesive mounts. The Low-Profile Frame attaches to the Swivel Mount via the standard 3-prong interface and an included short thumbscrew. The square-shape of the HERO Session allows it to be mounted in multiple ways within the frame for increased shot framing flexibility - whether it's on top of a helmet, the side, or somewhere else entirely.



  • Compatible with HERO Session cameras
  • Versatile, low-profile mounting option
  • Combines Low-Profile Frame with Swivel Mount
  • Swivel ball joint enables quick camera angle adjustments
  • HERO Session can be mounted multiple ways in the Low-Profile Mount for flexible framing
  • Easy access to shutter button and camera ports in multiple mounting configurations
  • Two curved adhesive mounts