Canon RC-V100 Remote Controller

Canon RC-V100 Remote Controller
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Providing not only the basic record start/stop, zoom, focus, and iris controls of standard LANC remotes, the RC-V100 Remote Controller from Canon features much of the functionality found on broadcast CCU remotes. Controls you will find include full access to the menu, gain and shutter speed, white balance adjustment, image control, pedestal and master black, and more. In addition to dedicated controls, two assignable buttons allow the user to program in frequently called up settings.
The buttons are back-illuminated, and can provide audible feedback to confirm a setting change has been successfully executed. It is possible to define the directionality of rotaries, disable audible alerts, and apply other customizations via an array of dip switches. The remote powers from the host camera so that no separate battery is required, and a 15' connection cable is included. There is a USB port for firmware updates so that new functions and support for new camera models can be added.
Controls Include:
Record start/stop
Auto/manual focus
Shutter mode/speed/angle
Enable/disable OSD
Color bars
Playback last shot
Image adjustment: knee slope, black gamma, and sharpness
White balance
ND selection
Master black
Master pedestal
Menu access and navigation
Two assignable buttons
Activate/deactivate remote switch
Technical Specs


RC-V100: 1 x 3.5 mm remote port
1 x USB port for firmware updates

1 x 3.5 mm TRS
1 x 2.5 mm TRS

Note: For use with select Canon camcorders and cinema cameras only

Cable Length

15' / 4.6 m