Kodak M35 Film Camera

Kodak M35 Film Camera
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Kodak M35 is a reusable film camera that use 35mm film. Just like it's range of disposable cameras, M35 has fixed focus lens, manual film winding and rewinding and switch to turn flash On/Off. Simply purchase a roll of 35mm film and load it in, take your photos, rewind and bring the film roll to develop at photo developing stores

Technical Specs

Optics Lens: 31mm, F=10, 1 element
Focusing: Focus Free, 1m~infinity
Shutter Speed: 1/120s
Film Transport: Manual wind and rewind
View Finder; Field = 70%
Power Source: 1 x AAA Battery ( not included)
Dimensions: 114(W) x 63(H) x 35(D) mm
Weight: 100gram
Main Plastic Material : ABS